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    Um, Every Congressman gets lifetime Health Care...From the Government

    We have No Idea What...

    This one is Really the Only Reason I created this thread:

    Obscure Gilda Radner Reference:

    Sarah Palin Protest:

    Friends of Gamblebot:

    My Two Dads reborn:

    Delaware shows up in Pueblo -- What happened to the Where's The Bush sign?:


    Clevelaaaaaaaaaaaand - Come see BOTH of our Buildings! Cleavlaaaand!

    Baton Rouge:

      i enjoyed your captions
      Free speech ftw. America. FUCK YEAH!
      good stuff

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    Thread deserves some love imo.

    Arrested dev sign is gold obv.

    I dont understand the last one tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neverstop View Post
    Arrested dev sign is gold obv.

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    They get this riled up about healthcare but didn't give a fuck about the buildup to the war in Iraq.


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    Quote Originally Posted by neverstop View Post

    Arrested dev sign is gold obv.
    Quote Originally Posted by USC View Post

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