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    You forgot this cutie.


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    Quote Originally Posted by henny_bogan View Post
    You forgot this cutie.



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    Quote Originally Posted by henny_bogan View Post
    You forgot this cutie.

    I didn't know you got canned so I looked up the date of the golf thing and found some good stuff:

    JGL wrote:
    It wasn’t on tv but an inebriated 20 year old ran on the course and did snowangels in a bunker on 17 when Tiger and Phil approached the green. This behavior has no place at the Masters. Membership can only blame themselves for allowing more patrons in year after year. Interesting that ticket sales stopped 5 years ago but every year gets noticably more crowded.


    Michael Scharff

    April 13th, 2009
    9:47 am

    I am not a Tiger fan, though I do give props to his skills as one of the most athletically gifted golfers ever. That being said, the save he made on number 1 was incredible. I’m not sure there are any other golfers (except, maybe, his Sunday playing partner) who could hit his drive into the NINTH FAIRWAY and still recover and make par for the hole. Also, the inebriated fan was very lucky that Tiger and Stevie were on the opposite side of the hole at 17 from the trap. Bones looked at the intruder and couldn’t quite decide whether to intercede or not. Had Stevie and Tiger been on the same side as Phil and Bones, Stevie probably would have clocked the guy!


    Friday, April 17, 2009
    something you won't see on TV at Augusta National...

    is a guy jumping in the sand trap and doing snow angels on #17 with Phil and Tiger on the green. Seriously, this guy was 4 feet way from Mickelson and his Bones, his caddy. This was on the second to last hole of the final round of the flippin' Masters! Both Tiger and Phil were making a charge up the leaderboard and they all of a sudden derailed on 17 and 18. I'm convinced this is the reason for it. Tiger and Phil were on fire before this guy decided to dive into the trap.

    Having said that, the whole thing was absolutely hysterical. Most of the fans were booing, but I thought it was hilarious. Security at the Masters must not be that tight because it took them forever to restrain the guy. He had enough time to get out of the trap and then jump back in. It was probably one of the top-five most surreal moments in my life.

    Once they got him off the course, Tiger over hit his chip shot and two putted for bogey and phil missed a five foot birdie putt which would have tied him for the lead. I called Courtney on the way home when the tournament was over and she said they didn't show any of it. I guess the staff at August probably don't appreciate that kind of show on TV... here's one of the few stories out there about it...Please keep your Phil Mickelson man-crushes outside the ropes - Devil Ball ... - Golf - Yahoo! Sports.


    Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:39 pm EDT

    Please keep your Phil Mickelson man-crushes outside the ropes

    By Jay Busbee

    Augusta National isn't exactly the kind of place where you expect to see unruly fan behavior. For starters, the fans are called "patrons," which kind of classes 'em up a little, you know? Even so, you don't see any streakers, John 3:16 sign-holders, Cleveland-style Dawg Pounders, or any of the other look-at-me types that show up at other sporting events.

    Every once in awhile, though, somebody goes overboard, perhaps as a result of a few too many $2 beers, and the unfortunate happens. Case in point: the 17th hole on Sunday, where the Augusta Chronicle reports that a patron leaped into the greenside bunker just a few feet from Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. (For the hyper-obsessives among you, that shot above is of the ninth hole; apparently any photos that exist of this incident have been destroyed.)

    Like so many other stunts, the guy apparently hadn't thought this whole thing through, as in what to do once he got into the bunker. Did he build a sandcastle? Curl into a ball and roll around like a Friday-afternoon Rory McIlroy shot? Lie flat on his back and make a sand angel? No, no and no.

    According to the Chronicle, all this poor dumb patron, Steven T. Davis of Salt Lake City, did was collect his sunglasses and wallet, apologize to Phil's caddy Bones Mackay, and walk to the waiting arms of the tournament security force. "I apologize," the Chronicle reported him as saying as he was escorted to meet his destiny somewhere in the catacombs beneath Butler Cabin. "I'm stupid. I hope Phil wins. That was dumb. Why did I do that?"

    Phil, meanwhile, said the incident had nothing to do with him missing a five-foot birdie putt immediately thereafter. He wouldn't use the phrase "like throwing a match onto the fire that's already burned down your house," but we will.

    Meanwhile, donations in memory of Mr. Davis, who has not been seen or heard from since the incident, are being accepted by Augusta National.*

    * None of this statement, as far as I know, is true. But it wouldn't surprise you if it were, would it?

    For more of Devil Ball's Masters coverage, click here or follow us on Twitter, and be sure to bookmark us and come back every day for more golf goodness.

    34. Posted by David S Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:53 pm EDT

    I was right there at 17 and watched the entire incident. Your report is dead wrong! In fact, the "patron" did do a sand angel, and a pretty good one too! I can tell you that Bones, Phil's caddy, looked about a split second from smashing the guy with a sand rake.
    Augusta natives on scene said no attorney in town will represent this guy or risk the wrath of the Augusta National movers and shakers -- and you just don't do that.

    (there are 690 comments. I am not going to scroll through all of them)


    Utah's dunce who bunker-crashed the Tiger-Mickelson pairing Sunday at the Masters tells all!

    I stumbled across this great find from Geoff Shackelford’s golf blog, who was alerted to it by a reader of his…

    The Masters dunce/patron who disrupted play on No. 17 Sunday during the Tiger-Phil showdown has spoken out - at length - about his antics.

    It’s good he has, too, because Area 51-err–Masters officials won’t even acknowledge the occurrence.

    Deseret News reporter Brad Rock, who deserves kudos for landing this exclusive interview, did an in depth interview with Salt Lake City’s Steven Davis, a 5-handicap. Click here for the whole interview.

    According to Davis, the snobbery of the Masters had gotten to him so bad he decided to take vigilante action in the form of: sprinting down the 17th fairway and doing snow angels in a sand trap after Tiger and Phil had hit their approach shots.

    “I ran maybe 100 yards up the fairway, past the players. I was running as fast as I could,” he said. “I was jumping and hooting and hollering and then I jumped as high as I could and dove into the bunker like a swimming pool.”

    He also went on to say Mickelson’s caddie tried to towel whip him off the course…Probably better that than an uppercut from Steve Williams for Davis’ sake.

    In this era, I’m surprised a sniper didn’t pick Davis off. Any madman running around in the vicinity of Tiger Woods is in as much danger of getting 86′d as if they were around Barack Obama or the Pope.

    If you’ll remember, Mickelson missed a pretty short birdie putt on the 17th green, whether Davis’ hubbub was the cause of it, it’s a possibility as much as Mickelson denied it.

    Now, I’m not condoning Davis’ antics, and while I am no fan of any golf course in the world that doesn’t allow public play, the only thing that bugs me about all of this is how tightly under wraps this was kept. Video tape of the incident has probably been vaulted up more secretly than the ark at the end of Indiana Jones.

    So here’s my request, would any Augusta National member mind digging it up and posting it on YouTube? I’ll put down $50 for it. Anyone else want to chip in?

    Comment from: Liquid Velvet [Visitor]
    This is my reality guys. Life is for the most part boring. I do things, that most people will not do, to make others laugh (and myself). I had the urge to do something silly and I acted on this urge, I have no regrets.

    Apparently I have been banned from Augusta National....I have lost so much sleep over this it hurts (for the stiffs who were born without a sarcasm detector please grow one now). If I really wanted to I could get back in. And if for some reason the opportunity presents itself, I would go back. And this time I would actually plan something.

    Thanks for your time.

    -Steven Davis

    P.S. For those of you who have said I was lucky I didn't run into Tigers caddy Stevie....I say whatever, I would have ran circles around that chimp.
    PermalinkPermalink 2009-06-11 @ 19:15

    Once again, a Masters to remember | Jeff Schultz

    Bobby's Blog

    Please keep your Phil Mickelson man-crushes outside the ropes - Devil Ball ... - Golf - Yahoo! Sports

    Brandon Tucker - Utah's dunce who bunker-crashed the Tiger-Mickelson pairing Sunday at the Masters tells all!


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      That was funny, yet sad. Kind of like getting tit-fucked by a clown.

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    the 3rd chick should be a :wtf

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    "I would have ran circles around that chimp."

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    I made someones top 5 most surreal moments in their life. huf

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