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Thread: Happy New Year

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    Hope you all had a great Christmas, boxing day, Orthodox Christmas, Happy New Year, and got to watch the giant potato drop in Idaho at midnight.

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    Thanks Jake.

    Christmas was great as I was on the wagon so I had a great excuse to bail early from the parties. Lost a bunch of weight thanks to a break from the whiskey and the warrior diet so the speedo pics will be coming shortly. Got a pretty good deal on a new TV for boxing day. Bought myself a sous vide machine too but it is still in the box. Heading to Hong Kong and Philippines next month, should be fun.

    My big memory from last year was a crazy DJ concert/rave thing in Manila in Sept. Here's the recap from 2015 to give you an idea:

    Hardwell headlined the one I went to and I didn't realize how good these world-class DJs actually are. So much fun and so much tight asian puss.

    You guys have any highlights from 2017? Make any money from crypto? Play any poker?

    Don't forget Boris is scheduled to blow up this year. BorisCoin ICO planned for Q2, don't get shut out.

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    Have fun in the Philippines. Don't go to the Muslim parts - they don't like the round eye there. No money in crypto, no poker, some money in sports betting but just for fun kinda money. Broke even in fantasy football.

    Had a crazy year travelling - Hawaii, Costa Rica, Florida, and a bunch of other places on the mainland. We are planning some time in Europe in 2020. This year is much of the same. Not sure if I will make it back to CR but I sure hope so.

    I saw a lot of live music in 2017 and am starting off 2018 with Queens of the Stone Age next month. Also signed up for the Dead and Friends ticket list so if I get on that I might get my hippy on. Sober of course. Vegas in March - going to see Tosh again.

    These things are all contingent, of course, on me not getting run over by a car stepping off of the curb. Let me know about the ICO - It looks like BTC is finally donkdown like sonatine predicted.

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