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    *** Know where they are

    Obviously can;t help you here.

    *** Avoid the police.

    Always do a driveby first looking at your surroundings for hidden/parked vehicles. Pickup on next run if no one is behind you or in a position to see you.

    Inside you have to pass the touch test. They will ask you to touch them, grab their crotch then they will ask if they can touch you... and they will grab your crotch. Test is standard... if its not heppening... let her out and get out of the area.

    *** Be safe

    BJs are safe. Believe me after 14 yrs I know. No need to wrap. Any anal/vagina penetration though definately wrap !

    *** Be safer

    Never leave your car. If you leave the car you are going to get jumped by a pimp who will take all your money/wallet. Maybe you'll get lucky... but sooner or later you'll pay a price. STAY in your car.

    *** Dont get taken

    If they ask to stop at a store for condoms, or just a sec to use payphone etc.... its BS. They are about to jump out with your money and run. Tell them you will hold the money till they are done. If that dont work then tell them you want nothing... get your money back and get her out of the car. Probably a 'pimp'/mugger nearby waiting anyhow.
    Also.... never carry more than you intend to spend on 1 girl. Hide the rest under mats, ashtray, whereever. If its in your pocket.... you'll be surprised how easily they lift it !

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    this is good stuff, gotta write it down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Bedshitting View Post
    Also.... never carry more than you intend to spend on 1 girl. Hide the rest under mats, ashtray, whereever. If its in your pocket.... you'll be surprised how easily they lift it !
    In this day and age the fact that guys still use street walkers is beyond me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LLL View Post
    In this day and age the fact that guys still use street walkers with vaginas is beyond me.

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    Right.... so I've been pulled over more than a few times over the years... heres the scoop on what really happens.

    Pretty much NOTHING at all depending on what it is they saw you do.

    1. If you are driving and alone in the vehicle and pulled over, the police will attempt to intimidate you through fear. He will suggest that he believes you are looking for SW and of course you deny it. He will also run your plates, registration and insurance. So make sure everything is in order. They know they cant charge you for being there... so they are hoping to nail you on something else to discourage you from coming back. If they find nothing, they will tell you that they are watching you and to go home now. At this point I'm not positive on what can happen if you stay in the area... once you are let go and he has instructed you to leave you should leave and call it a night. If you stay you may be able to be charged with failure to obey a lawful authority. But I'm not positive... and the statute on that would be very low like 24 hours you can come back. Anyhow.... nothing to worry about at all. I was grilled before and I just denied it.... they knew I was lying... and they tried to intimidate me, they told me I looked nervous to which I responded that I was not in the slightest bit nervous or intimidated by their prescence. This will get you a nasty glare... but it also lets them know straight up that they are wasting time, so they set you free and its time to go home and try again another day.

    2. Getting pulled over with a girl in the car. Usually it plays out the same as situation #1. If its undercover cop, still not a problem as long as you didnt solicit or negotiate anything yet. If its bonifade SW you probably are still ok. If she has a restraining order that prohibits her from being in that area... then possibly they could get you for assisting her in breaching that order. But its very unlikely. Also they could harass her are scare her into saying you did something you actually did not yet do. It would have to be a crooked cop... and despite their annoyances thats pretty rare so also very unlikely. This is another situation where you just go home after being cleared and come back another day. I also had this happen.... was seen picking a SW up. The LE pulled me over and said right away that he was writing a ticket and would be writing on it that I was seen picking up a SW. I asked him Wht ticket and who besides me would see it anyhow ? He asked if I was getting smart and I said I just want to know what I'm being charged with so I can inform my laywer and work a defense plan. He then asked to see all my paperwork. Everything clears and he lets me go (with no ticket of course). I guess they expect you to crack from fear and say "Oh god im sorry for trying to get a prostitute...please dont charge me" Of course once you do that.... you have made an admission of guilt... so dont crack... stay cool and everything will be ok.

    3. OH NO ! You've made a deal with undercover !! Well that sucks. Never happened to me.... but it can to you. If you think there is a way to call it entrapment... dont bother. Cops are allowed to lie when working in character. You can ask point blank if they are LE... and they can lie to your face and so NO. It dont matter. So forget fancy tests/games.... and just be observant of other signs. (health, teeth, body language, manerisms, etc) If you do get nailed soliciting an undercover the night is done for you. Depending on how co-operative you are a few things will happen. First... they will still run all your paperwork. Next they will charge you and release you on your own. Unless you are an ass to them... in which case you spend the night in jail till a bail hearing can be done in the AM. If you are detained your car will be impounded and you'll have to pay a tow fee and admin fee to have it released the next day. If you qualify for john school and they offer that choice to you.... you can avoid detention and court and just do the school. This only applies to first offenders with no criminal record. John school by the way costs money that you have to pay out of your pocket. You can elect to instead fight the charges... but without paying for a decent lawyer you will just lose. You can win if you have enough money... but you have to weight the cost benefits of such a fight.

    4. You've been spotted having sex in your car with a SW. Well that's just fantastic whata crappy night ! So again this is pretty much the same as #3. Only they can get a few more charges on you if you give them a hard time, solicitation, tresspass, indecent exposure and if you are parked near a school or church there are other fines associated with that. Actually getting caught in the act is going to be expensive. You dont want to get caught "with your pants down" lol. So pick your parking spot very carefully.

    PLAY SAFE..... Always observe whats going on around the area... know the ins and outs.... and be prepared so you dont stammer your way into a mess if you do get pulled over. As long as your paperwork is in order.... getting pulled over is a non-issue.... just dont get busted in the act.

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    Here's the only site you'll ever need, plus there's a tab for the "International Sex Guide". It appears that the US has a pretty lame sex trade. I suggest Thailand or the Philippines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LLL View Post
    In this day and age the fact that guys still use street walkers is beyond me.
    True times have changed. But the root cause remains the same.

    Economics, racial, class, gender discrimination and finally exploitation.

    For most prostitutes their 'job' is a last resort due to the mix of discriminations and poverty they face every day. This condition they are in leaves them very vulnerable to exploitation by 'pimps'. Thus what they do is not by free will. Some may say that it is... but most SW will tell you that if they 'knew' of any 'real' alternative they would have chosen that route instead. You can call it economic slavery.

    Ask yourself this : Who would hire these girls ?

    To really address the root causes and reduce prostitution to virtually non-existant you dont have to wage war on drugs. Drugs are not the problem, pimps will use it to further weaken the resolve and make these girls more dependant on them but... they were already vulnerable to begin with.

    You dont have to wage wars on Johns. Johns are not the problem, though we do of course create 'demand' for which pimps try to supply for profit.

    The real issue is discrimination and poverty which makes these women vulnerable in the first place.

    REALLY addressing the root cause would require the resolve to EDUCATE these women so that they have basic skills needed to enter the workforce. Provide economic assistance while they recieve these skills. And to eliminate the last vulnerability you need to give these women an IDENTITY. Many have no 'ID', some come from human trafficing. Give them an identity so they feel that they are 'somebody' with rights. With that and the skills to get a job that will provide them with an alternative to the street and they will choose that alternative if truely are given the choice.

    You will not see many governments do this however. Budgets are strained and it is much cheaper and easier to appease the community by sweeping and arresting prostitutes which will 'clean' an area temporarily. In my opinion by doing this and not providing a REAL solution the police themselves are contributing to the exploitation of these women... by simpling taking them off the street for a while then recycling them right back into the same situations that they started in.

    This of course only applies to streetwalkers. High paid callgirls/escorts mostly do have free will and are doing this for the money like any other wealthy professional.

    I too make use of the sw... but I always am mindfull of their situation and why they are there in the first place. I pay them, I do not judge them and I never talk down to them. Sometimes I am stolen from, treated bad... but always I remember where they come from and I just let it be. I dont like being a part of the 'demand' but I only do it for the price. If they addressed the root causes and eliminated streetwalkers I woudl then turn to escorts which are not bound to their profession... they have free will and live better lives.

    I suppose if they arrested johns and provided harsh sentences maybe you could influence the demand enough to reduce prostitution.... but this still does nothing to help these desperate women in need. Why not just address the root causes and give them the power to live a better life. Then they solve all the issues associated with human trafficing, prostitution and even reduce some drug use. Unfortunatly... it comes down again to money... and they dont have it to fix the problem. All they can do is create the illusion of taking postitve action to make the communities better by band-aiding the problem.

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    im pro prostution as much as the next guy, but the thought of picking up a street walker is kinda not saying eros or craigslist are without skanks, but it just seems like it would be easier,safer and cleaner than an actual street walker..seems to me this is the one place where you dont want to cheap out ...


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